Video Productions

“A week in Kosovo” – Documentary film“A week in Kosovo” is a seven-part documentary. Each film shows a day in the week in a different community in Kosovo. The films reflect everyday lives of the citizens of Kosovo from various walks of life after benefiting from the EU investments.more
“Rolling to Brussels” Documentary Film“Rolling to Brussels” documentary tells the story of two youngsters from Kosovo, Hana, a Kosovo Albanian, and Bojan, a Kosovo Serb, as they head from Kosovo to the EU, stopping in ten countries, including Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Strasbourg, France, Great Britain and Belgium-Brussels. The main objective of the film is to present that the EU membership os not an event but a journey, to present various EU policies and to show how the two of them interact, Each place they visited offered unique elements of the European life that highly enriched the documentary and the experience of Hana and Bojan.more
“The Adventure of Green Button Gang““The Adventure of the Green Button Gang” are ten 8-minute long informational films that focus on how can the young generation of Kosovo do to protect the environment in Kosovo. It promotes a greener lifestyle in the community. Eight of the stories are in the Albanian language, while two are in the Serbian language. The targeted audience of the films are children aged between 12 and 15 years. Each films present an environmental issue in Kosovo and then shows what one can do to improve the situation. Furthermore, it shows an example of good practice in Kosovo and the EU.more
“Seeing is Believing” Documentary Film “Seeing Is Believing” is a documentary series, which through humour presents how the EU is assisting Kosovo through EU-funded project. The objective of the film is to better explain what the European Union has been doing to help Kosovo overcome the challenges it faces as a new country seeking to build a closer relationship with EU and starting its EU integration process.more
“Europe Quiz 2011” – Winners’ Trip Documentary During March and April 2011, twenty four schools from across Kosovo took part in the first even Europe Quiz. Eight schools - seven Albanian-speaking and one Serbian-speaking - qualified to compete in the finals which took place on 6 May 2011. After a thrilling, hard-fought contest, five students of “Avni Rrustemi” school from Karaçeva, namely Biondina, Flamur, Ditlume, Diellza and Mentor, receive their well-deserved trophy – a great European adventure holiday.more
“Europe Quiz 2012” – Winners’ Trip DocumentaryTop 28 Albanian speaking schools in Kosovo in the teams of five students aged between 11-15 years were invited to participate in the “Europe Quiz 2012” edition. In addition, three Serbian-speaking schools and one Bosnian-speaking school were also invited to participate.more
“Europe Quiz 2013” – Winners’ Trip DocumentaryContinuing with the tradition, EUPK organised also the 2013 edition of Europe Quiz, involving 32 schools across Kosovo. Different from two previous quizzes, in EQ 2013 schools were selected not only by Ministry of Education based on their assessment tests a year before, but any school in Kosovo was able to apply and be selected through a lottery. On 7 May 2013, the grand finale was held.more
Minister Bekim Çollaku
Bekim Çollaku