Incumbent Minister Reka received Mr. Wigemark, Head of the EULEX Mission

Prishtina, 14 May 2020 - The incumbent Minister of European Integration, Mr. Blerim Reka received today, the Head of the EULEX Mission, Mr. Lars Gunnar Wigemark, with whom he talked about supporting this mission of the European Union for the rule of law in Kosovo.
Initially, the incumbent Minister Reka, expressed his gratitude to Mr. Wigemark for the contribution of this mission in the field of justice, adding that this is also the goal of the Government of Kosovo, that of the rule of law and the fight against corruption and organized crime. Furthermore, the Head of the EULEX Mission was informed on the Government's achievements in its first 100 days of governance, where the rule of law is an essential part of the Government's program, and therefore the vast majority of the 192 government decisions taken are in function of law enforcement in the country. Also, Minister Reka emphasized that we do not do this just for the implementation of the European Reform Agenda, but for the functioning of the Republic of Kosovo, as a state of law, with the law above all and not as a private state.
Further, Minister Reka asked Mr. Wigemark for EULEX to continue to assist Kosovo institutions in the rule of law, as well as for finding and identifying missing persons during the war in Kosovo.
On his part, the Head of the EULEX Mission, Mr. Wigemark, said that “EULEX is and continues to be a supporting partner of Kosovo's institutions in the rule of law and order in the country, which are the essential principles on which the European Union has been established and is functioning.” Mr. Wigemark also informed Minister Reka about the work that EULEX has been doing in Kosovo as regards identifying missing persons. At the same time, Mr. Wigemark expressed his gratitude to Minister Reka for his cooperative approach, as well as for supporting the goals of the EULEX mission in Kosovo in order to rule the law in the country.
Minister Bekim Çollaku
Bekim Çollaku