Division of Internal Audit

1. Duties and responsibilities    of the Division of Internal Audit are:

1.1. Ensures adequat implementation of the laws, regulations, policies, instructions and manuals, as foreseen by applicable legislation;

1.2. Ensures timely preparation of thedraft proposal strategic audit plan on the basis of the risk evaluation;

1.3. Organises, implements and monitors all internal audit activities and submits audit results, as foreseen with legislation in force;

1.4. Prepares and submitts three-monthly and annual reports for all audit activities;

1.5. Prepares and implements quality insurance programme on internal and external evaluation of audit function;

1.6. Reports immediately to the senior managment and Audit Committee on any indicator for corruption or fraud, and offers proposals for improvement of the systems. If senior managment does not undertake neccessary measures, informs further the responsible authorities.

2. Head of the Division of Internal Audit reports to the Minister.

3. The number of employees within Division of Internal Audit is one (1).

Minister Bekim Çollaku
Bekim Çollaku