Component 3: Enhancing awareness raising on the SAA process and the involvement of Civil Society Organisations

Key results to be achieved:

▸ Assessment of the current communication activities based on Communication. Strategy and Action Plans (channels of transmission, target groups, tools used, practice and experience, challenges). Recommendations formulated upon the questionnaires.
▸ The content of specific visibility and information material revised taking into account different needs of the target groups for 8 priority chapters.
▸ Recommendations on the awareness raising events and respective action plans formulated.
▸ Workshops on SAA communication delivered.

Result 6: Communication activities, Communication Strategy and the Action Plan for awareness raising on up to eight priority Union acquis chapters under the SAA are improved

Result 7: Recommendations for improvement of involvement of Civil Society Organisations in the SAA process on the priority Union acquis chapters conducted

Ministrja Bekim Çollaku
Bekim Çollaku