The Commission has adopted three reports on Kosovo's progress in the visa dialogue: the first report on 8 February 2013; and the second report on July 24, 2014. These reports contained an assessment of the progress made by Kosovo, recommendations to the Kosovo authorities and data about the expected migratory and security impacts of the visa-free regime.

The latest report was published in December 2015 and presented the Commission's assessment of Kosovo's progress in meeting the requirements of the visa roadmap. This report contained only eight (8) remaining recommendations from the visa liberalization dialogue, out of 94 that were on the beginning.

These recommendations were as follows:

- Transferring a sufficient number of judges, with appropriate support staff, to serious crime departments across courts in Kosovo;

- Building up a track record of investigations, final court rulings and confiscations in serious organised crime and corruption cases, notably by endowing the central coordinator for serious organised crime and corruption cases with the mandate and resources to lead multidisciplinary teams of financial investigations and to monitor the judicial follow-up of such cases;

- Ensuring the operational independence of the Public Procurement Review Body and the implementation of strict integrity plans to protect the independence of this body and the Public Procurement Regulatory Commission;

- Demonstrating that Kosovo has implemented its amended secondary legislation on name changes;

- Ratifying the border delineation agreement with Montenegro;

- Disbursing the Reintegration Fund, with a focus on offering assistance with employment, the establishment of small businesses, vocational training and linguistic training for children;

- Monitoring the reasons for Kosovo’s low recognition rate for asylum seekers; and

- Providing appropriate premises for and ensuring the full budgetary independence of the ombudsperson.

On May 4, 2016, the European Commission has approved the recommendation for visa liberalization for Kosovo, as it has been assessed that Kosovo has implemented the obligations deriving from the Visa Liberalization Roadmap. While in July 2016, the European Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee issued a referral to the European Parliament's Civil Liberties Committee to approve the recommendation for visa liberalization. (For more details click the following link).

However, the report in question also highlights the necessity for the full fulfillment of the two criteria which are crucial to the completion of the process, one of which is the establishment of a register of investigations, final court decisions and seizures on cases of High profile of organized crime and corruption, as well as the ratification of the border demarcation agreement with Montenegro.

Minister Bekim Çollaku
Bekim Çollaku