NPISAA Implementation Statistical Report

The Government, as the central national mechanisms responsible for fulfilling the SAA obligations, shall monitor the implementation of the NPISAA, via the institution mandated with coordination of EU integration process –Ministry of European Integration (MEI). MEI carries out this task through Regular NPISAA implementation reports, drafted on quarterly basis. The purpose of such reports is to assess and improve the NPISAA implementation, and to ensure accountability and transparency within institutions (to the highest political level), and other interested stakeholders and wider public concerning the NPISAA implementation. This will be made possible by discussing such findings during the Government meetings, within Stabilisation-Association structures (upon establishment), and by sharing reports with EU authorities, and publishing them.

Raporti mbi zbatimin e PKZMSA janar-shtator 2018_Final ENG
Minister Bekim Çollaku
Bekim Çollaku