Speech of Minister Ahmetaj in the Assembly

Allow me to present to you the NPISAA 2017-2021.

Prishtina, 18 April 2017  - The program is drafted in close cooperation with implementing institutions and includes short-term one-year measures and medium-term five-year measure and are aimed to fulfill the obligations deriving from the SAA.

Besides key political and economic reforms that are required by the SAA, the program foresees concrete measures within the 33 chapters of the EU acquis. Based on the structure of the Copenhagen criteria (good governance, respect for human rights and free market economy), all measures are divided into three blocks and in 40 chapters. Each chapter contains the narrative part and the table of short-term measures, which includes the legislative and implementing measures. The program also defines the responsibilities of institutions for its implementation as well as the timeliness for fulfilling these actions.

In total, the program consists of 930 measures, out of which 260 are legal measures and 670 are implementing measures. On the other hand, the program also contains medium-term priorities in each chapter, which give a general orientation to the relevant sector over the period 2017-2021, with the aim of implementing the SAA and other requests deriving from SAA and European integration process. The total cost for implementing the SAA is around 484 million Euros, out of which 398 million come from the Kosovo budget and 86 million from donors.

The program was voted in the Committee for European Integration and in the Committee for SAA and I call you to cast the final vote for this program in this session.

Thank you

Minister Bekim Çollaku
Bekim Çollaku