Minister Ahmetaj meets the ambassadors of EU member states

Prishtina, 3 April 2017 - Minister of European Integration, Ms. Mimoza Ahmetaj met today the ambassadors and heads of missions of the EU member states. During the meeting they discussed about the key priorities within the European integration process, namely the visa liberalization, implementation of the Stabilization and Association Agreement and the European Reform Agenda.

Regarding visa liberalization, Minister Ahmetaj informed the ambassadors about the latest developments regarding the implementation of the second criterion, namely the results in combating the organized crime and corruption. To date, were targeted 34 cases, indictments were filed for 26 cases, 4 cases received decisions of second instance, 2 cases received decision of first instance, while others are in various stages of judicial review. Also, Minister Ahmetaj informed the ambassadors about the work results of the special team within the Special Prosecutor for combating organized crime and corruption.

The ambassadors praised the commitment of MEI for the coordination of the European agenda and welcomed the positive steps of the institutions in the fight against organized crime and corruption. At the same time, ambassadors invited institutions to continue with commitment the reforms in justice.

Minister Bekim Çollaku
Bekim Çollaku