The conclusion of the supervision of independence, is a historic achievement which opens a new chapter of integration in NATO and the European Union, said Prime Minister Thaçi

Prishtina, 12 September 2012

The Government of the Republic of Kosovo, held its 91st regular meeting, chaired by the Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi, and approved a Draft Law on State Advocacy, a Strategy for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism, and took others decisions within its purview.

At the opening of the meeting, Prime Minister Thaçi informed the government cabinet about activities in recent days relating to the conclusion of the supervision of independence.

Mr. Thaçi said that this chapter had been closed successfully, with support and positive assessments for the state of Kosovo, a state with a European perspective. He said, this is a merit of the entire spectrum, and mostly of all our citizens.

“This is a dream come true, it is an historic achievement, it is the opening of a new chapter, that of integration into NATO and the EU," said Prime Minister Thaçi, thanking international participants in the solemn ceremonies, and above all, President Ahtisaari, Ambassadors Wisner, Ischinger, and President Obama, as well as President Clinton, for their supportive messages.

"Now we have to continue to work on issues related to our European perspective, economic development, and creating new jobs. I am aware that the future will be full of challenges, but I am confident in success. I have total trust that together we will deepen democratic reforms as a necessary condition for integration. So thank you for your work and for these additional responsibilities," said Mr. Thaçi

The Government approved the Draft Law on State Advocacy. The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice Hajredin Kuçi said that this Draft Law will regulate the establishment, organization and powers of the State Advocacy of the Republic of Kosovo, the conditions and procedures for the appointment and dismissal of the State Attorney General and state attorneys, working equipment, their authority, rights and obligations as well as other issues of importance to its work.

"The inclusion of this Draft law in Kosovo’s legal system aims to create a sustainable system of independent legal representation for public authorities in the Republic of Kosovo," said Mr. Kuçi.

An Administrative Instruction was approved for Determining the Place and Manner of Psycho-social Treatment for Perpetrators of Domestic Violence. The purpose of this guideline is, among other issues, the implementation of measures imposed by the competent courts and the creation of more favorable conditions for the rehabilitation of perpetrators of domestic violence and as a final step, their re-socialization. In this way, they achieve better protection for victims of domestic violence as well as easing their consequences.

Today, the Government approved the Strategy on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism. In the fight against money laundering and financing of terrorism, the Government will support its actions according to the highest principles and standards, as prescribed for in domestic and international legislation and human rights standards.

The Kosovo Government will also be involved in establishing cooperation and coordinating activities between local and international institutions collaborating in the fight against money laundering and financing of terrorism.

At the proposal of the Ministry of Finance, the Government approved the decision on the Classification of Goods in the Integrated Tariff of the Republic of Kosovo (TARIK) subdivision. Also today it adopted a decision on the establishment of a Water Task Force in the Office of the Prime Minister. The Government of the Republic of Kosovo supports the specification of water as one of the basic priorities of Kosovo’s economic development and values the importance of integrating water into its development policies.

Based on the proposal of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Government of Kosovo decided to put anti-dumping measures on imported building blocks from Siporeks in Serbia.

As part of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Independence of Albania, the Government supported the request of the Kosovo League of Writers to finance the publication of the works of renowned activist Adem Demaçi.

Minister Bekim Çollaku
Bekim Çollaku