Minister Hoxha in Brussels for the LIBE Committee, meets with the rapporteur Fayon, calls for faster decision-making

Brussels, 29 August 2018 - Minister Hoxha is staying in Brussels today, for the meeting of the LIBE Committee, which will discuss and will take a vote tomorrow on the visa liberalization for Kosovo.

During her stay in Brussels, Minister Hoxha met with the Euro-deputy from Slovenia, Tanya Fayon, Member of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats, Rapporteur for Kosovo at the European Parliament.

At the meeting, Minister Hoxha noted the fulfilling of all the requirements foreseen on the visa liberalisation roadmap as well as the expectations for positive decisions on visa liberalization, especially the expectations that the LIBE Committee will vote pro liberalization at the tomorrow’s meeting.

Minister Hoxha has noted the extraordinary contribution of Kosovo's friend, Ms. Fajon, emphasizing that Kosovo, with her support, will expand to new areas of cooperation and advancement of the integration situation and process, whereby the visa liberalization is a decisive and significant step.

“"Ms. Fayon, for years has been a loyal follower of Kosovo's achievements and interests, and now we welcome her contribution as Rapporteur at the European Parliament, reaffirming our achievements towards visa liberalization, the integration process and lobbying for the recognition of our state and statehood in international organizations, " said Minister Hoxha, adding that Kosovo and its citizens are ready for liberalization.

Euro-deputy and rapporteur for Kosovo at the European Parliament, Tanya Fayon, stressed that she is happy to reaffirm Kosovo's progress and that Kosovo citizens will enjoy the same free movement as all other citizens of Europe.

She stressed that, for the integration process to go even faster, the greatest work yet remains to be done, by implementing reforms in justice, the economy and other reforms as well as the Stabilization and Association Agreement be done to keep the integration process going even faster by implementing reforms in justice, economy and other reforms as well as the Stabilization and Association Agreement.

Minister Hoxha emphasized that the support of Ms. Fayon is extremely important for other processes that await the country, liberalization being a powerful step also towards other Euro-Atlantic integration processes.

Also, today, Minister Hoxha met separately with Euro-deputies Marie Christine Vergat, Angelika Mlinar and Euro-deputies Asim Ademov, all members of the LIBE Committee, who reconfirmed support for visa liberalization for Kosovars.

Minister Bekim Çollaku
Bekim Çollaku