Building new partnerships - continuing goal of Kosovo

Prishtina, April 12, 2018. - Building partnerships will bring new horizons and new dimension to the consolidation of Kosovo institutions, was said at a meeting with a group of students from the College of Europe from Warsaw, Poland at the Ministry of European Integration.

The Ministry of European Integration hosted today the representatives and a group of students from the College of Europe from Warsaw, Poland. The purpose of the visit was to closely inform these students about the situation in general as well as the European Integration Process that Kosovo is currently going through, reflecting thus in the EU Strategy for the Western Balkans, on the benefits that the region and Kosovo will have, as well as the challenges ahead.

Representatives of the College of Europe expressed readiness to support Kosovo's institutions in the development of cadre in specific areas of European Integration. In this regard, there will be work towards strengthening the partnership with this renowned European college by gaining experience and expertise that will further strengthen Kosovo's institutions as well as speeding up Kosovo's path towards the EU.

Building partnerships will certainly bring new horizons and new dimensions to the consolidation of Kosovo's institutions, thus contributing to meeting EU standards in all possible dimensions

Minister Bekim Çollaku
Bekim Çollaku