Cultural Heritage

Kosovo’s cultural heritage makes it an attractive country open to all.

Kosovo’s tangible heritage was created by ancient civilizations and those of the new era, which have left a rich cultural treasure which is also part of world cultural heritage. This rich heritage is all over Kosovo, in archaeological parks and centers, in natural parks, in art galleries, in photographic and film archives, in castles and tower houses (kullas), in religious monuments and popular homes, in cobblestoned alleyways, in fountains and in all its museums.

Kosovo’s tangible heritage has both qualitative and quantitative value, known within and outside the country, and is very attractive for visitors who want to see cultural and artistic masterpieces, to learn about the evidence left by pre-history, the classical period, the Illyrian period etc.

As well as its well-known museums, Kosovo has many collections of unusual artifacts that surprise people and cross all fields, from nature to art, from craft to ethnology, from the archaic to the religious, from the tangible to the spiritual.

Kosovo’s intangible spiritual cultural heritage, comprises manners, appearances, expressions, language, knowledge and popular creativity, as well as the instruments, objects, crafts and cultural space representing them, and the communities, groups and sometimes individuals, who are accepted as constitutive parts of their cultural heritage.

This intangible cultural heritage is passed from generation to generation, created continuously throughout centuries by communities and groups as a function of their environments, interacting with their nature and history, and gives them a sense of identity and continuity, helping to promote respect for cultural diversity and traditional human creativity.

Preserving, protecting and presenting Kosovo’s cultural heritage is part of the strategic and political orientation of the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo, and especially the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport.

Kosovo’s cultural heritage is treated at both levels of government in the Republic of Kosovo as a constitutive and very important part of the living environment and is considered a treasure of all Kosovo’s people.

The strategic and political orientation of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport of Kosovo includes the following:

-    Preserving, protecting and presenting Kosovo’s cultural heritage
-    Necessary institutional restructuring with the formation of a Department of Cultural Heritage, with respective divisions: archaeological heritage, architectural heritage, moveable heritage, spiritual heritage, integrated conservation and cultural landscapes
-    Developing institutional capacities in cultural heritage
-    Functional implementation of legislation for cultural heritage
-    Raising awareness about preserving, protecting and presenting cultural heritage
-    Returning the archaeological and ethnological treasures of Kosovo and archival documentation about cultural heritage from Serbia
-    Restoring and conserving Kosovo’s cultural heritage
-    Realizing archaeological research
-    Permanent and special exhibitions about Kosovo’s cultural heritage
-    Reviewing and redefining the administrative system and institutional mechanisms for effective care of cultural heritage
-    Supporting the diversity of cultural dialogue in Kosovo
-    Creating a network of museums in Kosovo
-    Creating conditions for learning professional skills of conservation and restoration
-    Creating national collections of moveable heritage
-    A laboratory for conserving and restoring moveable heritage
-    Making an inventory and documenting Kosovo’s cultural heritage
-    Preserving, protecting and storing collections of moveable heritage in Kosovo, in spaces with optimal technical conditions and for research purposes
-    Qualitative presentation of Kosovo’s cultural and historic identity in adequate museums, through permanent and special exhibitions
-    Professional training of persons committed to managing moveable heritage
-    Legal protection of cultural heritage
-    Digitalized summaries of Kosovo’s cultural heritage

A number of organizations and institutions are working on preserving, protecting and presenting Kosovo’s cultural heritage, all of which contribute towards policies and projects relating to Kosovo’s cultural heritage.

As well as for the respective authorities in Kosovo, cultural heritage is also a relevant issue for a series of international development agencies, donors, diplomatic representatives, religious structures and non-governmental organizations.

In order to coordinate their general activities relating to cultural heritage, the Ministry of Culture has founded together with the European Commission Liaison Office to Kosovo (EULO) and with the Special Representative of the European Union (EUSR) a “Forum for exchange of information about cultural heritage in Kosovo”.


Minister Bekim Çollaku
Bekim Çollaku