European Reform Agenda (ERA)

The European Reform Agenda aims to set priorities until end of 2017 for fulfilling obligations under the Stabilisation and Association Agreement. The primary objective of ERA is to prioritize SAA fields and implementation of specific activities toward fulfilling them. Therefore, ERA is based on the key priority of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo – that of EU integration. ERA is also in compliance with the Government Program, NPISAA and ERP. For this purpose, short term priorities have been agreed in the areas of (I) Good Governance and the Rule of Law, (II) Competiveness and Investment Climate and (III) Education and Employment.

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European Reform Agenda (ERA) 2Raporti mbi zbatimin e ERA 1 11 2016- 30 11 2018_Final ENGERA
Minister Bekim Çollaku
Bekim Çollaku