High Level Forum

The Ministry of European Integration (MIE) is responsible for coordinating external aid to the Republic of Kosovo. Within MIE, the Secretariat for High Level Forums is responsible for organizing this annual meeting which gathers the highest officials of the Kosovo Government and the Donor Community and other agencies, to discuss relevant issues relating to promises made at the Donor Conference, held on 11th July 2008 in Brussels.

The High Level Forum was established as a permanent mechanism with the purpose of analyzing and assessing progress in social and economic development and the efficacy of external aid. Furthermore, this Forum is the highest decision-making body in the field of donation coordination which takes political decisions making functional donor coordination in Kosovo.

Key duties of HLF include:

In HLF the following are presented:

HLF in addition makes assessments of the general effectiveness of the system of donor aid in Kosovo based on indicators defined by the Paris Declaration and gives proposals for improving the effectiveness of external aid to Kosovo. 

Minister Bekim Çollaku
Bekim Çollaku