Public Call


Public Call for Registration of Civil Society Organisations and Other Stakeholders for the Consultation Mechanism in the Framework of the EU – Kosovo Stabilisation and Association Bodies


Pursuant to the Regulation No. 13/2016 on Functioning and Representation of Government Institutions of the Republic of Kosovo in the Stabilisation and Association Structures and Regulation No. 05/2016 on Minimum Standards for Public Consultation Process, the Ministry for European Integration issues the following


Public Call for Registration of Civil Society Organisations and Other Stakeholders for the Consultation Mechanism in the Framework of EU – Kosovo Stabilisation and Association Bodies


The Regulation No. 13/2016 obliges the Government to cooperate with CSOs and other stakeholders in the framework of SABs: in the preparation of SAB meetings, in supporting implementation of reforms agreed thereby and in monitoring their implementation. Regulation 05/2016 sets out minimum standards, principles and procedures of public consultations between public authorities, stakeholders and the wider public in legislative and policy drafting processes.


Therefore, participation of CSOs and other stakeholders is vital for the overall understanding of the SAA, as well as for development and implementation of reforms and to ensure the latter’s positive impact in the development of our society. By actively promoting the role of the CSOs and other stakeholders in the European integration process, this consultation mechanism opens the gateway for inclusion of CSOs and other stakeholders in the implementation of the SAA. The purpose of this consultation mechanism is to ensure that the views of CSOs and other stakeholders are adequately reflected within the work of the SABs, with a view to a participatory approach to implementation of reforms required by the SAA.


II.Thematic Consultation Meetings

Representatives of CSOs and other stakeholders are hereby invited to register for participation in regular consultation in the framework of one (1) or more SAB, by assigning one (1) representative to consultation meetings for each SAB of their interest.


Registration is open for consultation in the framework of the following SABs:

  • Stabilisation and Association Committee (the Committee) (scope: all areas under the SAA);
  • Stabilisation and Association Subcommittees (SASC); and Stabilisation and Association Special Groups (SG):
    • SASC on Trade, Industry, Customs and Taxation (scope: Industrial products; Commercial questions; Standardisation, metrology, accreditation, certification, conformity assessment, and market surveillance; Industrial cooperation; SMEs; Tourism; Customs; Taxation; Rules of origin; Mutual administrative assistance in customs matters);
    • SASC on Agriculture and Fisheries (scope: Agricultural products; Fisheries’ products; Processed agricultural products; Wine; Protection of geographical indicators for agricultural and fisheries’ products and foodstuffs rather than wine and spirits; Agriculture and the agro-industrial sector, veterinary and phytosanitary matters; Fisheries’ cooperation);
    • SASC on Internal Market and Competition (scope: Right of establishment; Supply of services; Other questions related to Title IV of SAA; Approximation of legislation and law enforcement; Competition; Intellectual, industrial and commercial property; Public procurement; Banking, insurance and other financial services; Consumer protection);
    • SASC on Economic and Financial Issues and Statistics (scope: Current payments and movement of capital; Economic policy; Statistical cooperation; Investment promotion and protection; Financial cooperation);
    • SASC on Justice, Freedom and Security (scope: Reinforcement of institutions and the rule of law; Fundamental rights, including anti-discrimination and data protection; Judicial cooperation in civil and criminal matters; Visa, border control, asylum and migration; Prevention and control of illegal immigration, readmission; Money laundering; Drugs; Combating terrorism; Preventing organised crime and other illegal activities);
    • SASC on Innovation, Information Society and Social Policy (scope: Working conditions and equal opportunities; Social cooperation; Education and training; Cultural cooperation; Cooperation in the audiovisual field; Information society; Electronic communications networks and services; Information and communication; Research and technological development);
    • SASC on Transport, Energy, Environment and Regional Development (scope: Transport; Energy; Environment; Climate change; Civil protection; Regional and local development);
    • SASG on Reform of Public Administration (scope: Public administration reform); and
    • SASG on Normalisation (scope: Visible and sustainable improvement of Kosovo’s relations with Serbia, and effective cooperation with the EU’s CSDP mission while in place).


III.Registration Criteria and Eligibility

Each organisation requesting to register for this consultation mechanism is required to meet the following criteria:

  • Be registered and operating in the territory of the Republic of Kosovo in line with the Law No. 04/L-57 on Freedom of Association in Nongovernmental Organisations in the Republic of Kosovo, or another law in force;
    • Be active during at least one (1) year prior to the issuance of the present public call;
    • Operate in at least one of the areas listed in section II of the present Call, above (provided for by the Statute/other relevant legal document of the organisation).


Eligibility restrictions:

  • Each organisation requesting to register is for consultations in policy areas outside the scope of SABs outlined in section II above is not eligible to do so;
  • Each organisation requesting to register may be represented by no more than one (1) person for one SAB. They may be represented by one (1) representative in more than one (1) SAB;
  • Each organisation requesting to register may not be represented by persons running and/or elected in political office;
  • Full-time employees of any public institution dealing with any of the policy areas listed under Section II of the present Call, above, are not eligible to represent an organisation requesting to register for this consultation mechanism;
  • Each person is not eligible to represent more than one (1) requesting to register for this consultation mechanism.


In case no organisation submits registration request(s) for one (1) or more of the SABs (for policy areas listed under Section II of the present Call, above), the MEI may re-issue the Public Call. It may also re-issue it when needed to update the list of stakeholders for this consultation mechanism.



The registered organisations and their representatives automatically become members of the consultation mechanism in the framework of EU – Kosovo stabilisation and association bodies for a period until the present Guideline is abrogated by the Government. The mandate of a representative of an organisation registered for this consultation mechanism may cease prior to its expiration in cases of:

  • Her/his resignation from this consultation mechanism;
  • Her/his resignation from their position in the organisation they were registered to represent;
  • Her/his failure to attend three (3) consultation meetings consecutively;
  • Request of the organisation they represent to replace them with another representative.


For the vacancies occurred in the events listed under this section, MEI shall re-issue the present Public Call.


V.Registration Procedure and Documentation

The registration procedure for this consolation mechanism endeavours to maintain the balance between representativeness (allowing all stakeholders to register for the SABs covering policy areas falling under their scope of mission), and expertise (setting minimum criteria to be fulfilled by both organisations and their representatives to this consultation mechanism).


Each organisation is required to submit the following documents:

  • Completed Registration Form (Section VI of the present annex); and
    • Certificate of Registration of the organisation.


Following receipt of registration requests, MEI will compile the List of Organisations Registered for the Consultation Mechanism in the Framework of EU – Kosovo Stabilisation and Association Bodies no later than fifteen (15) working days after expiration of the deadline set for the submission of registration requests. It will publish this list on its official webpage and will notify the respective organisations via email, thus officially inviting them to become part of this consultation mechanism.


The procedure described under this section shall be followed in cases of re-launching of this Public Call.


Please submit this Registration Form (filled-in and signed) electronically (to or in hard copy – in person or via mail (to MEI premises, Main Government Building, Floor VIII, Office 806, 10000 Prishtina, Kosovo) until Friday, 9 March 2018, 16:00 local time.


For more information on the Consultation Mechanism in the Framework of the EU – Kosovo Joint Stabilisation and Association Bodies, see the Guideline below.  



Minister Bekim Çollaku
Bekim Çollaku